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ebenv update

In a previous post I wrote about a small script I call ebenv, which makes AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment properties available to shell commands as environment variables. See that post for the rationale behind this script.

cfgpkg, or how to use age encryption with YAML

I have a case where I need to store a YAML file in an S3 bucket where it’s available to be copied to a server as part of an automated deployment process. The YAML file contains a few sensitive values, like API keys, so it’d be best to keep those values encrypted.

ebenv, or how to run commands with environment variables on Elastic Beanstalk

I recently deployed a Rails app onto the latest AWS Elastic Beanstalk platform version running Ruby. I had done this a couple years ago, but a newer platform version (running Amazon Linux 2) is out now, with some significant changes.